PAZUZU DEMON: Queen Gives Planning Permission for Statue from the Exorsist movie

imageHer Majesty the Queen of England gave planning permission for one of her Crown Estate buildings in THE MALL, London, to be used as the home of a DEMON STATUE which portrays the premiere effigy of evil from ancient IRAQ. The statue was craned into place on the roof of the smart NASH BUILDING which is home to the Institute of Contemporary Arts, and the entire building is personal property of the Monarch…This demon is also known as the Neo-Assyrian Ba-su-su and Ba-zu-zu – it embodies an ‘agile’ demon who is evil – but whose evil demeanour is greater than that of the Arabic JINN who ride the WEST WIND in ancient Iraqi & Syrian legends – therefore, because Pazuzu’s evil is mightier, he was often used as a totem in ancient Iraqi homes to ward off lesser demons. Read Article