Global Threats

Latest 2016 Alta Report Predicts Massive Global Cataclysms – Bank Holiday – Megaquakes – Tsunamis

Published on Apr 28, 2016
Topics of Discussion & 2016 Webbot Alta Report Predictions – The Electronic Universe & Archetype of our Solar System – Nibiru aka Planet X being used as a “Wag the Dog” Diversion tactic by the media – Weather – Most Extreme Heat Spells in Human History –  Ocean Changes and Giant Tidal Waves – Entering Ice Age – Change in Wind Directions – Mass Casualties and Damage to Boats – Could effect people up to 1000 miles inland – Pop Corn Storms SE North America – Flooding as far as the Mississippi River Valley – Enormous Lightning Storms – Global Forset Fires – New types of UV Light – Many people could be dealing with the daily drama and death of the global economies – Others will have to deal with problems directly attributed with planetary expansions – Extreme Heat / Hospitalizations – Yemen Arabia War “emergence upheaval”….Check out Clif & The Alta Report at
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