Congress Uncovers Startling Evidence of Planned Parenthood Selling Fetal Parts

baby-in-the-womb-shutterstock_133423673-702x336.jpgIt has received an appalling, but unsurprising, lack of media coverage, but a congressional hearing this week has rolled out quite a bit of evidence indicating that Planned Parenthood was selling—and profiting from—fetal body parts. Congressional investigators produced evidence of websites where you could purchase specific fetal parts, and the companies selling fetal parts sold their services to abortion clinics as representing “pure profit.” While Democrats, Planned Parenthood, and their allies in the media have repeatedly attack David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress for the undercover videos they released last year for being inaccurate and misleading, this evidence seems to go a long way toward vindicating the veracity of their reporting. In addition to Planned Parenthood announcing last October it would no longer accept money in exchange for fetal parts, the pro-choice Democrats actually fought to keep congressional investigators from releasing the evidence uncovered this week. Mollie Hemingway (my wife) has a detailed breakdown of all of the discomfiting facts uncovered showing abortion clinics likely “conspired to violate federal laws against fetal human organ trafficking.” She summarizes the political reaction to the hearing this way: Read Article