The Clock Is Ticking: A Bone-Chilling Email About The Terror And Destruction That Lies Ahead

image.jpegKWN was sent a bone-chilling email from an international reader about the terror and destruction that lies ahead as the powers that be move toward the implementation of a new global financial system. The email below came in from an international reader who works at a financial firm: “I sadly agree with Nomi Prins, but toss-in this caveat…There will be no crash. Because at the point our esteemed leaders realize they can no longer combat their own idiocy and face impending doom…they will take the step of unilaterally banning currency, and defer to the button-push ease of pixel-currency. This will cause the reality of zero chance any bank can fail. It negates any risk of a bank run. It eliminates the validity of precious metals as currency. (All three of these incorrect points are addressed by KWN below). It will create black markets. And combined with the extraordinary, concerted effort to share all global citizens’ tax and financial records…virtually choke the life from citizens. Any who choose freedom will be charged as a terrorist, and given permanent freedom to either visit their God, or pace the expanse of their 6’x6’ cell. Read Article


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