SHTF – Moving Out of Major Cities Before a Catastrophic Disaster Strikes

image.jpegWhy Consider Moving? The Next Disaster Might Be NUCLEAR? .. And All Hell is Likely to Break Loose Soon After.  It’s easy to name several major disasters that have struck and the cost to human life over the years. How many lives could have been saved with just a few warnings in advance that people should have started moving out of the area or, at the least, moved out of the immediate danger zone of mass casualties? Consider Hurricane Katrina, and the New Orleans levees that flooded over. That should have been an easy disaster to see coming. How many people lost their homes in that disaster, and ended up homeless? Moving to avoid a disaster – Look at Seattle, Washington for example… There’s a lot more well to do people living in Seattle than New Orleans. A major earthquake is said by scientists to be long over-do. What will happen when that major earthquake finally hits? Residents of New Orleans may have missed the opportunity to move before Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005… But residents of Seattle know that this earthquake is a probable disaster at some point in the near future. Maybe it would be smart to seriously consider moving out of the area, before Seattle finds itself buried under rubble, from a 9.0 or stronger mega earthquake. Read Article

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