Experts Warn Of ‘Downright Disastrous And Impending Collapses Everywhere’

‘Smart Money Says Get Ready To Get Out, US Banks Not Prepared For What’s Coming

image.jpegThe story that the Drudge Report linked to on Wednesday from The Guardian tells us the obvious: “US Banks Not Prepared For Another Financial Crisis, Say Fed Federal Regulators”. The story from Jeff Berwick over at the Dollar Vigilante tells us that the Central Banks are printing money (like it’s going out of style) to ‘avert a global meltdown’ and the state of the world is not just bad, it’s downright disastrous with defaults and impending collapses everywhere, from China to South America to Europe and beyond. As we learn in the 1st video below from the X22Report, bankers and finance ministers from around the world are now holding ’emergency meetings’ to discuss all of these matters and as we learn in the 2nd video featuring Rick Wiles from TruNews along with Etai Freidman, the CEO of Eyal Capital Management, ‘the next great depression’ could be within our midst. We’re told an 80% market crash may be on the horizon and we could soon see: a wave of bankruptcies, severe price level and income drops, increased debt service costs, and mass unemployment. Read Article

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