Giant Waves Of Trouble, Men’s Hearts Fail With Fear

imageI think most of us have an inbuilt sense that something is just not right in the world at present. There’s a knowing that we have something major coming very soon. Many signs are converging all at once that point to us being in the End Times, and significant new developments seem to occur daily, and in fact almost hourly at times. We watch as the global economy teeters on the edge of a potential collapse. Most of us here are aware of the threat of bank bail-ins, a derivatives meltdown and a move towards a cashless society that will see greater control given to Large Banks and Central Governments. We sense a surveillance state with increasing powers encroaching on our lives. We see new technological developments that give central governments and local governments more powers to spy and control the population being spoken of in various sectors of the media regularly . New restrictive environmental laws that curtail long held freedoms of land owners come into effect state to state and country to country year by year. The introduction of Agenda 2030 ensures that this trend will continue. Read Article

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