Record temperatures hit Delhi as the rains remain absent: Temperatures reach 41.2°C (106F)

image.jpegDelhi rains have remained absent from the national capital for quite some time now. While Delhiites enjoyed several rainy weekends during the month of March, April has something different in store for Delhi. On April 2, Palam Observatory recorded its maximum as 41.2°C (106F), which is 7 degrees (45F) above the normal range. Ridge also observed its maximum as 40.9°C, which is 5 degrees above the average temperature. The situation is likely to remain the same for another 48 hours. This is the first time in the season that Delhi has observed heatwave conditions. Until now, the temperatures did settle above 35 degrees on several occasions but on and off rains during the month of March kept the maximums under check. However, weather conditions have remained clear for a good amount of time now. These conditions have paved way for the scorching summer heat to make a grand entrance in Delhi-NCR. After 48 hours, temperatures are likely to witness a drop by 2 to 3 degrees as isolated rain, and thunderstorm/dust storm activity may occur over the national capital and its adjoining areas. Read Article

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