PANAMA PAPERS UPDATE: A Bogus Sting Operation To Smear Putin And Assad



Beware Pure Propaganda Picture

Yes, Mossack Fonseca Served As The Nexus For An International Organized Crime Ring …… But where are all the well-known criminals from the Western Criminal Banking Cartel Conveniently missing, it appears. The overly dramatic picture shown above says it all about the AAA* agenda where it concerns Russia and specifically President Putin. *Anglo-American Axis (AAA)BIf ever there was a transparently fake sting operation to tarnish President Putin’s reputation, the “Panama Papers” is it. Everything about this CIA-directed black operation was designed to damage Putin however they can make stuff up about him, with no evidence whatsoever. Just ridiculous innuendo and idle specualtion, and planted rumors and baseless hearsay. Read Article.

ALSOMossack Fonseca: The Nazi, CIA And Nevada Connections… And Why It’s Now Rothschild’s Turn  – The story is about is the nebulous world of offshore tax evasion and tax havens, which based on data from the World Bank, IMF, UN, and central banks.

Australia – Sydney businessman gobsmacked to learn of his offshore company

Icelandic PM faces no confidence vote over Panama Papers disclosures

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