Global volcanic unrest as six eruption’s registered since last Wenesday

image.jpegKanlaon Volcano Philippines
March had been a quiet month for volcanic activity….until yesterday that is! After the three mighty colossi, Pavlof volcano Alaska, The Popocatepetl volcano Mexico, and Sakurajima volcano in South Japan all erupted within hours of each other yesterday a fourth and fifth volcano have erupted today! The volcanic peak Copahue, which sits at the border of Argentina and Chile, erupted today after weeks of gradually increasing activity along with the Kanlaon Volcano in the Philippines . Last Wednesday The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Nyiragongo volcano was also releasing up to 50,000 tonnes of polluted gas per day as eruption thought to be imminent Back to today alert Level 1 was raised by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS), after Kanlaon Volcano spewed ash as high as 1.5 kilometers. Read More

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