Pavlof volcano Alaska: The Popocatepetl volcano Mexico: And Sakurajima volcano in South Japan all erupt within hours of each other!

image.jpegHours earlier The Popocatepetl volcano near Mexico city released a spectacular explosion, the mighty Mexican has been active for quite some time now. A large eruption in South Japan at the Sakurajima Volcano just a couple of hours earlier than Pavlof, a very large blast occurred at Sakurajima volcano in South Japan, followed by several other blasts overnight. Tourists were fairly close to the volcano when it sent off the first blast, also captured on JMA webcams (links below). Luckily for the tourists, the blasts pyroclastic flow (and ash fallout) blew in the opposite direction. If the wind was blowing towards the tourists, this may have been an entirely different story involving injuries. It might not be too wise to be in close proximity to this active volcano.Read More

Pavlof’s Unexpected eruption in Alaska spews ash 20,000 feet high

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