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Linda Moulton Howe: UFO Breakthrough in the Year 2016

Legendary UFO investigator, Linda  Moulton Howe joins Dark Journalist  Daniel Liszt for Part 1 of her release  of controversial insider predictions  she’s received from trusted sources,  which say that 2016 will be the year  in which the reality of life beyond the  Earth will be officially acknowledged by the political leadership. Howe warns, however, that the covert  sources of secrecy and global domination  will fight to maintain the status quo, by  trying to stop the release of information  about advanced exotic technologies  derived from reversed-engineered ET  craft.

She sees two possible timelines for the  21st century. In the first one, a new openness is achieved and the public  learns to gain a certain amount of trust  in the progress that begins to happen,  due to the release of classified information  regarding UFOs covered up since World  War II. In the other timeline, the Deep State of corporate, media and intelligence  forces seize control and throw the world into turmoil by ramping up police state tactics, false flag events and completing a worldwide smart grid of invasive  surveillance to further centralize and control the population using established methods of fear to divide and conquer modern society.

Linda then takes us back to a forgotten  case of the crash of an off-world craft involving multiple witnesses in Cape  Girardeau, Missouri in 1941. At the time,future President Harry Truman and Four  Term President FDR needed to collaborate to preserve the secrecy around the alien  beings that were discovered at the crash site. The beings were eventually taken to  Capitol Hill in Washington, DC (This was before the construction of the Pentagon).  According to new research, these specimens were preserved in a liquid in  glass tanks in an underground base below the Capitol before they were actually used in a bizarre Masonic Ritual to cast a spell of UFO Secrecy that would last for generations.

Is it time for a UFO Breakthrough? Has  the time arrived for UFO revelations that will give profound new understandings to  humanity in the 21st century, even if these bring strife in the short term? Or are forces  of the Breakaway Civilization preparing their contingency plans to keep their  covert advantage of UFO technology intact?

Alarming, controversial and extremely  enlightening, this is Part 1 of this episode of Dark Journalist with Linda Moulton Howe that you don’t want to miss!