The film on vaccines Robert De Niro won’t let his audience see

vaxxed-1.pngRobert De Niro, who has a child with autism, was going to personally introduce the film, Vaxxed, to the audience at his Tribeca Film Festival in New York. He thought the film was important. It makes a case for a connection between vaccines and autism. Then, an uproar ensued, pressure was brought to bear, and De Niro decided to cancel the screening at his festival. Hello, goodbye. One of the angles used to pressure him? People might agree with the film’s content and decide not vaccinate their children, or they might decide to space the vaccines out over a longer period of time. This horrible act might endanger lives. It might kill children. Read More

VAXXED! Robert De Niro Mysteriously Backs Away From Screening Vaccine Truth Film At Tribeca Festival

Full history exposed: Tribeca Film Festival carrying out Nazi agenda of genocide, eugenics and extermination via ‘science’ and medicine

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