Russ Dizdar – The End Of History – Exclusive New Video!Prophecy Forum Conference Day 1

Published on Feb 8, 2016
Are we living in the end times? Is the end of human history oapproaching? What on earth is about to happen for heaven sake? In this video Russ Dizdar answers these questions and more, as he tries to show us where we are in Biblical prophecy and what will happen next. Russ Dizdar’s Presentation, The terrorist threat expanded: Satanic Super Soldirs nextdoor. From the Prophecy Forum Conference November 14-15, 2014. Russ is the author of “The Black Awakening” and “Once Blind”. He counsels with numerous individuals victimized by SRA/DID. Russ’ ministry can be found at:  –  and he can be reached at:

He has served as senior pastor for a number of churches, provided leadership for Youth for Christ, and has served as chaplain for numerous police departments.

I have been given permission by a member of , the Prophecy Forum, to post this video.

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