Planet X (6): Scientist Warning : Comets may Blow the Atmosphere! Ice Age! Elite’s Gigantic Dens!

It looks like there were some type of extraterrestrial events, whether it was a large meteoroid, an asteroid, or comet exploding in the atmosphere. And all of a sudden, the planet was thrown back into a little ice age. This will kill off most crops. Nothing survives on the icy surface. The oceans are frozen grave yards. But 2.5 miles below the surface,the water is still liquid. Elites and the Richest people are planning to hide themselves in gigantic dens underground. Until now, there are thousands miles of underground cities being built by the government of many nations. Thanks to the heat from under sea volcanoes. Sulphur hydroxide from these hydro-thermal vents will continue to feed large tube worms in other exotic form of key most enthetic life. Continuing heat from the earth’s core they also help (minority) humanity survive in cities below the surface.

Scientists predict that there are approximately 700,000 asteroid between Mars and Jupiter. And some of these will eventually come hurtling towards earth, as they’ve happened in the past. But asteroids are only one of the many threats to this small planet on which we live. From earthquakes to rising ocean levels.From super volcanoes to devastating tsunami waves.Humans are confronted with forces that could challenge or even end life on earth. It will be difficult to predict exactly when the impact would happen,but there would be this phase,and sort of danger zone in which the chances for catastrophic impact something of a comet size would be much, much higher than they are now. Is this future inevitable? No one can know for sure. Objects fallen from Heaven are mentioned more than once in Revelation. In the book of Revelation, Apostle John is seeing what appears to be in a vision. all these stars falling from Heaven. It could very well be a massive meteor shower a massive meteor impact or massive asteroid impact on planet earth.