Beware! Battle Line Has Been Drawn With America Now In Crosshairs Of Sharia Law And Muslim Caliphate

image.jpegDespite the fact that a Muslim suicide bomber recently targeted Christians in Pakistan, killing 65, mostly women, Barack Obama has doubled down on his ‘open door policy’ for allowing Muslim immigrants (and possible terrorists) into America while Pope Francis proves to us just how ignorant he is by telling us during his Easter message that the terrorists who love beheading and blowing up people should be fought with ‘weapons of love’. Back on March 8th after ‘Black Lives Matter’ put out a ‘riot gear flyer’ planning for protests for the Republican Convention in both Arabic and English, ANP published a story asking if BLM was planning on ‘teaming up’ with ISIS to stop the Republican Convention after both groups put out separate warnings that they would attempt to prevent the Convention from taking place and/or ‘interupt our election process’. Read More