Chilling Details Revealed Indicates ISIS Is Prepared To Attack The U.S. At Any Given Moment

image.jpegRecently revealed details regarding the Paris attacks that killed 130 people and injured hundreds more, when tied in with previous reports in the U.S. news, indicate a high likelihood that not only has ISIS threatened to attack Americans on U.S. soil, but are in position and fully prepared to do so at any given moment. New details regarding the Paris attacks were revealed by The New York Times on Sunday and those details are chilling when we look at reports from December 2015 on ANP and across American news outlets. Via IBTimes: The Islamic State group terrorists who killed 130 people and injured hundreds more in Paris last year were able to avoid police detection ahead of the Nov. 13 attack by using disposable cell phones. In many cases, the teams of attackers used victims’ phones or only activated their so-called burner phones moments before carrying out attacks throughout the French capital, thus avoiding detection by police and intelligence agencies. Read More

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