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Dr. Jim Willie: Financial Deals Happening Behind Closed Doors; US Not Invited

FlagIn the following interview, when asked for his take on what’s been happening in the financial markets, Dr. Jim Willie begins by saying what he’s been hearing is extremely hard to confirm because of the overly sensitive nature of the information he’s heard. He says he’s been hearing that financial deals are taking place behind closed doors, and between established economic countries, but without the U.S. being invited to sit at the table. Dr. Willie says the few invitations the US has gotten to be a part of, our role at the bargaining table has been as an equal, or as one among many, not as the purveyor of the World Reserve Currency like we’re used to. He says many of the talks going on right now deal with a shift toward what will soon be a new gold backed World Reserve Currency. As part of that shift, just about every country needs to remove itself from a US Dollar based commodity and inventory supply system. As you can imagine, having to change the way critical commodities like oil or coal are priced and shipped into any country is a major undertaking… so he says right now we are in the calm before the big financial storm… And that’s just the beginning… Enjoy! Read More