5th BLOOD MOON on PURIM March 23rd – It’s a PENTAD not TETRAD! (WWIII Iran Israel Korea)

Published on Mar 20, 2016
There’s a 5th Blood Moon on God’s Feast in 2016! It’s due on Purim – the Feast of Esther. Is it unprecedented? How is it linked to the Iranian Nuclear Deal? Why should we understand God’s Hebrew Calendar? God’s 9 Intended Holy Days? Because they’re being fulfilled in our time, in front of our eyes! Don’t wait any longer! Be a partner of the ministry: share the teaching, support the mission! Our aim is for every Christian to know how to 1) lead someone to the Lord, 2) defend creation, and 3) proclaim prophecy. We are reaching seekers and believers in at least 3 ways: 1) YouTube videos 2) Christian resources that can be shown in church, home and cell groups, 3) live events.

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