Global Crisis

Dr. Jim Willie: Putin, the Gulf Emirates, Iran, and Saudi Arabia Make Plans For Death of US Dollar

th-2In the following video, Dr. Jim Willie is the guest on Wall Street for Main Street, and as always, Dr. Willie does not disappoint. To open the interview, the topic of discussion begins with a secret meeting recently held between Russia and a Saudi Prince which was conducted to discuss the formation of a new oil cartel that will consist primarily of the Gulf Emirates, Iran and Russia. If you haven’t noticed, just about every interview with Dr. Willie focuses on the oil market in some way, and for obvious reasons. The world revolves around oil. The cartel’s purpose will be be to finalize the elimination of the US Dollar PetroDollar as the World Reserve Currency, and to accomplish that by bypassing OPEC all together, and establishing better controls on the price of oil. That is why the focus of the article after the interview is on precious metals, particularly silver, as a hedge for when the “King Dollar” finally dies… and it’s coming… soon!  Read More