Fitha, 7, was covered in her father’s blood as she hugged his body after ISIS raided their home and executed him on their doorstep

2A2348B300000578-3145822-Traumatised_Fitha_was_just_seven_when_her_father_was_shot_dead_a-a-8_1435832606567The little girl is still traumatised by the final hug she gave her father: by the time she let go, she was covered in blood, and he was dead, murdered by ISIS. Fitha, who was just seven-years-old, had run to father Khamis Faris after hearing a knock at the door at their home in Mosul. But as she held him, the two militants at the door shot him three times – in his right arm, his neck and his heart. His crime? Before ISIS arrived in Mosul in June 2014, he had worked as a policeman. Read Article