Astronomers Predict Fireworks from Rare Stellar Encounter in 2018

binary_pulsar_stillAstronomers are gearing up for high-energy fireworks coming in early 2018, when a stellar remnant the size of a city meets one of the brightest stars in our galaxy. The cosmic light show will occur when a pulsar discovered by NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope swings by its companion star. Scientists plan a global campaign to watch the event from radio wavelengths to the highest-energy gamma rays detectable. Read Article

The seven key players who will decide Greece’s future

greekCentre-right German Chancellor. As the leader of the biggest economy in the eurozone and the biggest single creditor to Greece her voice is easily the most important. No deal gets done against her will. And if Greek banks are to be cut off by the European Central Bank (ECB) it will be because she has tacitly given the nod. Has played a good cop-bad cop routine with her finance minister, Wolfgang Schauble, in negotiations, with him taking an intransigent line and her suggesting that a door to a deal always open. Question is whether she would be able to persuade her own Christian Democrat party to back another rescue for Greece in the Bundestag. Read Article

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Bastrop: The Texas town where many fear a large military training exercise will be used to take their guns and impose martial law

24-NRA-EPAThe office of Bastrop County Republican Party is in an old lumber mill on Main Street, with peeling brown paint and a sign out front that captures the party’s feelings about the Obama administration: “WISE UP AMERICA!” Inside, county chairman Albert Ellison pulls out a notepad filled with pages of reasons why many Texans distrust Barack Obama, including one that says: “In the minds of some, he was raised by communists and mentored by terrorists.” It should come as no surprise, Mr Ellison said, that as the US military prepares to launch a large training exercise this month, many in Bastrop suspect a secret Obama plot to spy on them, confiscate their guns and impose martial law. Read Article

China Rolls Out Emergency Measures To Prevent Stock Market Crash

china_shares1_300-300x220The government is anxiously monitoring the sharemarket to see if the new measures will halt a 30 percent plunge in the last three weeks, or if panicky investors who borrowed heavily to speculate on stocks will continue to sell. In an extraordinary weekend of policy moves, brokerages and fund managers vowed to buy massive amounts of stocks, helped by China’s state-backed margin finance company which in turn would be aided by a direct line of liquidity from the central bank. China has also orchestrated a halt to new share issues, with dozens of firms scrapping their IPO plans in separate but similarly worded statements over the weekend, in a tactic authorities have used before to support markets. Read Article

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A Look At What Is Coming And Why We Need To Prepare NOW

Greece_Scavenging-1[Update] In response to this piece, Steve Quayle emailed in a quote, added to the headline “THIS IS WHY YOU WANT TO BE WHERE EVERYONE ELSE ISN’T DURING A MELTDOWN, CRISIS, OR RIOT” I want everyone to take a good, hard look at the picture above and those seen throughout this article. Those are not homeless people scavenging in garbage bins for food and clothes and anything they may need to survive, they are Greek citizens “rooting through rubbish to grab discarded items they can sell or eat.” Anneliese Sterry, from Gloucester Foodbank, said: ‘This is not a surprise to us at all. It is not uncommon for this to happen. Read Article


Russian Warships to Hold Missile Exercises in Pacific Ocean

1024256706Russian Pacific Fleet ship groups will hold missile firing drills in the Pacific Ocean, Eastern Military District spokesman Capt. 1st Rank Roman Martov said Monday. “During the air defense exercises, the destroyers Moroz, Inej, and Smerch will carry out launches of Malachite cruise missiles, they will simulate low-altitude, high-speed targets of the Maritime flotilla led by the guided missile cruiser Varyag, which, in turn, will use all its firepower to strike back at a simulated enemy air attack,” Martov said. Sputniknews


‘Bathtub ring’ on Hoover Dam shows level of Lake Mead dropping even further amid continuing drought in America’s west

2A4221FC00000578-3150830-image-a-56_1436178000492Visible at the top of the Hoover Dam, this ‘bathtub ring’ shows the devastating effects of a drought which has seen the level of Lake Mead drop to an historic low. The lake’s surface now sits at just over 1,000ft, the lowest point it has been since it started being filled in the early 1930s when the dam was finished. The water level is so low that officials from Las Vegas, which draws its water from Lake Mead, have been forced to spend $800million building a third pipe to ensure their supply does not run out. The pipe is needed because the top of the lake will soon dip below the height of the first two pipelines, leaving them out of the water. Read Article