Planet X The Change

Has a specific Planet X object been spotted? We believe that NASA has information that there is at least one major object that is headed into our solar system but is keeping this information from the public. One statement is that the expected devastation will be so great that they are just letting everyone be “blindsided” while they prepare and save themselves in expensive cave cities prepared by tax dollars. If Planet X is about to arrive would it not be obvious in the sky?
The internal NASA studies from the early 1990s indicated that there is one Planet X type of object coming in from the south where it is only visible for a short time in the month on May from very remote viewing locations in the southern most areas of New Zealand and South America.

That is why no one has seen it and why it may be approaching undetected except for the publicly funded facilities in those remote locations.

Also, the government disinformation internet sites are purposely pointing in the wrong direction to keep everyone from looking in the right direction.

The government is acting very strange and unprecedented events have occurred in business and world politics.

Could this be related to the arrival of a Planet X type of object?

Many think that this is the case and there is an underlying madness to the way our government is acting and the things they are doing.,, By James M. McCanney, M.S.


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