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Jade Helm: ‘It’s Getting Real – Our Final Warning’ America Under Massive Cyber Attacks As Bilderberg Prepares To Ban Cash And Entire Financial System Threatened

bbvsvvcThe CNN story out on Friday asks if we’ve just received our final warning. The massive hack of US government computers exposed the personal files of over 4 million current and retired government workers and who knows what else. As ANP takes another look at the NORSE live cyber-attacks website, we find that America is under massive attack, constantly, minute after minute, hour after hour. We also learn that the strange entity on NORSE called ‘Mil/Gov’ is also under constant attack, yet nothing like America, which finds itself on the receiving end of attacks by ‘Mil/Gov’ quite regularly. False flag cyber attacks? High tech banditos in China are on the attacking end all day long. What does all of this have to do with Jade Helm 15 we might ask? Read Article