We Kill Babies As Non-Humans But Now Want Plants To Be Granted “Personhood”? Yep

grootGood grief, here we go again. I wrote previously about a professor (of course!) promoting “pea personhood” in the New York Times and a book. Switzerland includes the “intrinsic dignity” of individual plants in its constitution. “Nature rights” is the law in two countries, more than thirty U.S. municipalities, and supported by Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations. Now, advocacy for “plant intelligence.” From, “Why Don’t We Consider Plants Smart?” in the New Scientist says, “Clearly, we will never play chess with a rose, nor ask the orchid on our windowsill for advice. But that is the point: humans are guilty of serious parochialism, of defining intelligence in terms of a nervous system and muscle-based speed that enables things to be done fast, say all three authors.” Read Article

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