The Technology Transhumanists Want in Their Kids

th-2Technology seems to be disrupting nearly every aspect of our lives. However, with the exception of toddlers thumbing their way through smartphone apps and watching Sesame Street on YouTube, raising children isn’t significantly different than it was 20 years ago. I would bet my right arm, though, that such gradual change won’t be the case in another 20 years. The transhumanist age of child rearing is dawning. I discovered this last year when a pediatrician checked my 24-hour-old infant’s hearing with a soundless brainwave headset. Just three years before, in the same hospital with my first child, infant hearing tests were being done using the decade’s old beeping device that you physically stick in the ear and wait for the munchkin to react. In general, when adults see new technology available to themselves, they are often more curious than skeptical. But when they think of new tech for their children, parents can become downright defensive. Curiosity no longer prevails, and protection mechanisms kick in strongly. Despite this, society is on a path to embrace an ever increasing amount of bizarre tech to be used in the raising of its children—including some things literally inside children. Read Article

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