gay-wedding-cake-rainbow-600The taxpayer-funded Equality Commission in the United Kingdom has pursued, and won, a discrimination case against the Christian-run bakery company, Ashers Baking Co., because its owners declined to promote homosexuality with their products But now several of the major media players in the country are worrying that it is a bad precedent because of its impact on religious, and other, rights. Wrote the Belfast Telegraph, “The state demands that all bakers in the land must be in favor of same-sex marriage. Or at least they must be willing, if requested, to pipe out their support for it in pink icing on the top of a cake. “Butchers and candlestick-makers, regardless of their religious opinions, will also be forced to comply, or face prosecution, or give up their businesses entirely,” the commentary said. “By the same legislative logic, a Muslim printer could be compelled to produce Hebdo-style cartoon images of the prophet Muhammad. The lesbian owner of a clothing company could be forced to make T-shirts saying gay people will burn in Hell. Read Article

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