China Gold Could Cause Tsunami of Dollars in US-Rob Kirby

th-1Gold expert Rob Kirby arranges deliveries of the yellow metal to his clients measured by the ton. Kirby says news that China may disclose it has 30,000 tons of gold will be devastating for the West. Kirby contends, “We could be fast approaching the moment when the tide is going to turn and go out, and we are going to find out who’s wearing a bathing suit. I think that time is fast approaching, if it is not here already.” Kirby also says, “I think the implied message is we are going to show you how much we have, and then you are going to have to show us how much you have. . . . America, very likely doesn’t have, in my view, doesn’t have the gold they claim to have. They also probably spent a lot of other people’s gold in safe keeping.” Read Article