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Egg, Turkey Meat Prices Begin to Rise as Bird Flu Spreads

WireAP_f55a9c312ef146e68a095c9831c62f93_16x9_992Prices for eggs and turkey meat are rising as an outbreak of bird flu in the Midwest claims an increasing number of chickens and turkeys. Market experts say grocery stores and wholesalers are trying to stock up on eggs, but there’s no need to worry about having enough turkeys for Thanksgiving. The cost of a carton of large eggs in the Midwest has jumped nearly 17 percent to $1.39 a dozen from $1.19 since mid-April when the virus began appearing in Iowa’s chicken flocks and farmers culled their flocks to contain any spread. Neighboring Nebraska reported its first case of bird flu Tuesday, affecting 1.7 million chickens at an egg farm in Dixon County. Read Article

Editors Note – WOW try buying a dozen eggs in Australia you would be paying anywhere from  $3 to $5 a dozen. Organic eggs  are more and you get 2 eggs less.

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