The question is can Transhumanism truly offer a viable resurrection from death and real eternal life, and not just a virtual one?

New generations of men and women do not want their bodies and minds to grow old like their parents and grandparents and are looking to the science of Transhumanism to grant them a Transhumanist immortality. Growing numbers of people around the world are demanding that their governments start massive funding for anti-aging research.  The science of Transhumanism has entered into the mainstream through Hollywood movies like Transcendence, Divergent, Avatar, Captain America, Interstellar, and countless other films. Ray Kurzweil of Google, whom many call the father of the modern Transhumanist movement, has introduced the concept that death, disease, and aging can be overcome through new scientific breakthroughs. Transhumanism is the new religion of The Singularity, which offers Man …..

technological resurrection from death and entrance into an artificial heaven called the World Brain or the Hive Mind. Transhumanism, which does offer on varying levels real potential benefits to Mankind, in the end becomes a technological alternative to Jesus Christ’s offer to Mankind of a real resurrection from death and true eternal life. The question is, can Transhumanism truly offer a viable resurrection from death and real eternal life, and not just a virtual one? Read Article

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