Steve Quayle Alert – Buy Canned Turkey, Chicken, Beef & Sardines As Your Budget Allow – Immediately


Considering the flu now hitting the poultry industry and Fukushima’s destroying sea life in the Pacific, famine is accelerating at break neck speed. Famine is the order of the day as geo-engineering now manifests it’s deadly results through drought, famine and disease.

If you hesitate you may very well starve, at least that’s what the globalist desire! Protein will be the first thing to disappear.

If you think I’m kidding all the truckers who are carrying food, medicine, and food stuffs to the underground cities and bunkers are amazed at how much of their freight is going to these elite ‘bunkers’ versus how much food is being held back from select states and  supermarkets and warehouse distribution centers. It only gets worse from here.  May 5, 2015 Steve Quayle alerts