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A Call to Consecration, Repentance, Communion, and Imprecatory Prayer

20150501-300x336All across the world, Christians today are at the crossroads and are in the crosshairs. Tribulation is coming, and for the increasing number of Christians who will wake up today facing the cult of Islam in the Caliphate that is being formed with the assistance of Western leaders headed by Barack Hussein Obama, it is already here. Sadly, the majority of Christians in the West have no clue of what exists just ahead for them and for us, at a moment uncertain, when we will face the same fate as those who have been beheaded, crucified, or stoned to death for their faith. Christians today, especially in America and throughout the West, have long been immersed in a pot of pabulum known as “Positive Christianity.” It’s no coincidence that this diluted doctrine that is being preached by the placating pulpit-masters to the placeholders in the pews is the same doctrine, and even has the same name, as that embraced by the Christians in the 1930’s Germany under Hitler. Read Article