Violence erupts for a second night in Baltimore: Defiant rioters face-off with three thousand police officers

281F14DD00000578-3059952-image-a-29_1430276638605Thousands of police officers in Baltimore, Maryland threw tear gas and fired rubber bullets as they marched on about 100 defiant protesters who refused to go home and heed a city-wide curfew Tuesday night.  Maryland Governor Larry Hogan ordered 2,000 National Guardsmen and 1,000 law enforcement officers onto the streets to head off a repeat of the violence that erupted Monday night in some of the city’s poorest neighborhoods in response to the death 25-year-old local man Freddie Gray.  About twenty minutes after curfew, a line of police in riot armor started slowing marching on the remaining protesters, who responded by throwing plastic and glass bottles and laying down in the street to block the cops in a show of civil disobedience. Read Article/photos