NATO Fears Grow – What are the Russian up to?

th-3Concerns are growing over Russian ships that have docked in a once-secret naval base in the Arctic. Military leaders in Norway are nervous about its powerful neighbour’s presence on its ‘strategically important’ coastline following a spike in tensions between Russia and NATO nations. Some experts have criticised the shutting down of Olavsvern Naval Base – a huge complex buried in mountainous terrain near the town of Tromsoe – which has been closed since 2009. But fears have once again peaked after three Russian ships spent the entire winter docked deep within the mountain hideaway which was once a heavily guarded military facility. It was originally shut because the country’s leaders thought the threat from Moscow was reduced, despite its massive Northern Fleet which is base in the nearby Kola Peninsula. Norway’s former vice admiral said shutting down the base was ‘pure madness’ while other critics say their submarines now have to travel hundreds of extra miles to protect the region. This is far from the first time Russia has flexed its military muscles in other countries’ territory. Read Article