Big Agri Spin Doctors: New GMO Produce Is Better For You Than Natural Counterparts

New-GMO-Produce-Is-Better-For-You-Than-Natural-Counterparts-620x360Big Biotech/Agri companies like Monsanto and Del Monte are becoming increasingly desperate to sell us on their tainted goods. Now, not only are they averring that genetically modified crops are not harmful, but that they are actually BETTER for you than non-modified foods. A new pineapple is being rolled out by Del Monte. It’s pink and apparently it will keep you from getting cancer. …a new pink pineapple variety being developed in Costa Rica by Del Monte Fresh Produce, contains an over-expressed a gene from a pineapple and a tangerine. Some of its other genes have been silenced and its flowering process has been altered. All this genetic fiddling has produced a fruit with rose-colored flesh that is high in the cancer-fighting chemical lycopene. (source). Monsanto is one of the companies hard at work to deceive you. They even have their own propaganda department, as reported by Heather Callaghan of Natural Blaze. Read Article

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