50,000 Mexican Farmworkers Have Gone on Strike in Baja California

farm-workers-strikeFifty thousand Mexican farmworkers have gone on strike in Baja California, and they’re aggressively protesting low wages, poor working conditions and rights abuses .Protest leaders are set to meet with growers; meanwhile, millions in crops have rotted as the two groups fight to find middle ground. According to reports, workers have been throwing rocks and burning tires to raise attention to the apparent mistreatment of the employees who farm millions of dollars in strawberries, tomatoes and other produce in the agricultural sovereign state of Baja. During the height of disputes, protesters blocked the main north-south highway and Transpeninsular Highway, and partner strikes have sprouted across the state. The workers have demanded overtime pay, breaks, healthcare, water and time off. Also, the demonstrators requested field bosses end arbitrary firings, sexual abuse and other abuses. Read Article

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