80 To 100 Million Americans Now On NWO ‘Round Up’ Lists?

25225913_StillAmphibious Assault Launched Upon Florida Beach As Full-Scale Implementation Of Red And Blue Lists Has Begun

Flying under the alternative news radar due to all of the attention given to Jade Helm 15, the 2nd video below from KafkaWinstonWorld shares with us news of another military training mission in Mayport, Florida, where beach goers got a big surprise as monstrous amphibious assault vehicles, each capable of holding 21 marines and 10,000 pounds of equipment, came ashore. While the USA Today story tells us this kind of training happens frequently across the coast, we have to ask if anyone has seen a military amphibious assault upon beaches here in America? With ‘military training events’ happening almost daily across America, and Florida covered in the past week from the northern end to the southern end with the recent martial law roundup drill in Fort Lauderdale, are we now beginning to see the full-scale implementation of the red list, the blue list and the green list as warned by Stephen Quayle in the newly released 1st video below with David Knight on Infowars?   Read Article

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