Mysterious sleeping sickness baffles researchers

Kazakhstan-village-residents-hit-by-sleepy-diseaseIn the remote Russian village of Kalachi in Kazakhstan (central Asia), a mysterious illness is baffling scientists around the world. Dubbed the “sleeping sickness,” it causes people to suddenly fall asleep for anywhere from two to six days, accompanied by “startling” memory loss, blinding headaches, back pain, dizziness and general “edginess.” Intensity can range from full sleep to a deep, sluggish drowsiness. “Whatever they are doing,” reported the Telegraph, “whoever they are, and at any time or day, a resident of this remote settlement on the central Asian steppe lives with the knowledge they may suddenly fall asleep – and remain unconscious for days.” Victims say one moment they’re walking, talking or reading … and the next they’re asleep. Some people have been hit with sleeping episodes no less than eight times. Certain victims, particularly children, report terrifying hallucinations. One toddler survived in utero his mother’s bout of sleeping sickness. The affliction even affects animals. One woman reported her cat had fallen asleep after a “bizarre outburst of hyperactivity.” Read Full Article