NATO to Train 30,000 Troops in South Europe in Autumn 2015

NATO to Train 30,000 Troops in South Europe in Autumn 2015

th-3The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will conduct training of some 30,000 military personnel in Spain, Italy and Portugal this fall, NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Gen. Jean-Paul Palomeros said on Wednesday.
“[In] October, November we will train around 30,000 in the south — in Spain, Italy, Portugal,” Gen. Palomeros told journalists at a press conference in Washington, DC.
The NATO Commander noted it is “a great demonstration that NATO is doing its business,” preparing for the whole spectrum of possible threats to the Alliance on its southern flank.On March 2, US 173rd Airborne Brigade Commander Michael Foster told Sputnik that the United States will be expanding in the next four months its commitment to NATO’s Operation Atlantic Resolve with a brigade-level deployment to Bulgaria and Romania. Read Full Article

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