Conspiracy Theories or so they say

Conspiracy Theories Emerge About The German Airbus A320 Crash

Did CERN Bring Down German Airbus A320? Plane Crash ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Emerge Include The ‘Hudson ISIS Time River Theory –

by Stefan Stanford

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UPDATE: Two Americans have been identified as dead in the crash. Yvonne Selke was a contractor with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon’s satellite mapping office. Was she possibly a target in this crash? Did she know something that someone didn’t want the rest of the world to know? Was it brought down via an EMP-type weapon? Her daughter Emily was also killed in the crash. With the restart of the occultic CERN large hadron collider at double the energy now delayed indefinitely due to an electrical fault, ‘conspiracy theories’ immediately began emerging across the internet after the crash of German Airbus A320 in the French Alps, only 127+ miles away from CERN, as people across the world began to seek out causes for this tragedy as shared in 1st video below from FaceLikeTheSun. Read Full Article