Lone vet returns to Iraq to fight ISIS – cbsnews.com

ooiraqichristians1920“I’m not here serving my country — I’m here serving Christians,” says former U.S. soldier Brett Felton, who returned to Iraq to train Christians how to defend themselves from ISIS – A few weeks ago, a 60 Minutes team traveling through Iraq stumbled on a 28-year-old American man in Bakufa, an abandoned Christian village north of Mosul. The man was dressed like a soldier, but he wasn’t with the U.S. military. He was there to help, but not as part of any aid organization. He had come to Iraq on his own — to fight ISIS. Driven by his Christian faith, Brett Felton of Troy, Michigan, made his way to Iraq as a “soldier of Christ,” to help defend the Iraqi Christians under threat from the Islamic State. When 60 Minutes producer Jeff Newton met him in February, Felton was engaged in training local Christians to defend their villages. Read Full Article/video