DARPA thinks it has a solution to Ebola  – and all other infectious diseases  – fusion.net

electroporation_02Could the antichrists trigger event involve  a pandemic outbreak followed by a “cure” In the form of a DNA altering vaccine injected into the genetic code of  every person on earth? Saving the world from Ebola suddenly sounds so simple, as the solution spills from Colonel Dan Wattendorf’s mouth, up on the stage in the windowless banquet hall of this Marriott hotel south of San Francisco. “We’re going to take the genetic code and put it into a format where you go to your drug store or doctor and get a shot in the arm,” Wattendorf told a room full of medical researchers and technologists. “There’s a low-cost of goods, no cold chain, and we would produce the correct antibody in [any] individual directly.” Read Full Article