A Generation of Simon the Sorcerers Is Rising

A Generation of Simon the Sorcerers Is Rising – charisma mag.com

by Jeremiah Johnson


I see more of a hunger in the prophetic movement to obtain power than to walk in intimacy. I see more of a desire to live under the anointing than to demonstrate Christlike character. I see more of an appetite to publicly prophesy over thousands than to privately pray to the Father in heaven. I see more of an obsession to chase after someone else’s prophetic mantle than to giving our time to discovering our own unique divine design given by the Father alone. I see more of an urge to chase gold dust, feathers and angels than to encounter the person of Jesus Christ. All of these pursuits lead to one terrifying end: The rise of a generation of “Simon the Sorcerers” who are currently operating in illegitimate authority! Read Full Article

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