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Don’t invite extraterrestrials — they’ll destroy Earth

Don’t invite extraterrestrials — they’ll destroy Earth –

By Stephen Kinzer

hollowearthgraysA group of scientists in California recently unveiled plans to advertise Earth’s existence to space aliens, and invite them to visit. This prospect should terrify anyone familiar with the history of imperialism and conquest. On our planet, when a civilization that considers itself superior encounters a “lower” one, the result has usually been enslavement or massacre. Aliens would probably treat us just as pitilessly. Reaching out to extraterrestrial intelligence is the worst idea ever. It transcends follies committed by individual nations because it exposes all humanity to destruction. “Fatal embrace!” Herman Melville cried when he saw Pacific Islanders welcoming Europeans. “They fold to their bosom the vipers whose sting is destined to poison all their joys.” Read Full Article