ISIL claims DOD hacking, Marks 100 U.S Military Pilots for Assassination

ISIL Claims DoD Hacking, Marks 100 US Service Members for Assassination

001-1117160607-americascopeThe so-called Islamic State, or ISIL, has named 100 US military service members to be killed. They have reportedly hacked into US defense systems and extracted the names, addresses and photos of specific members to target. ISIL went to social media to call on “brothers residing in America” to kill the 100 service members, providing their details.In the online posting, the group referred to itself as the “Islamic State Hacking Division.” They claimed to have hacked military servers, databases and emails. They announced they were making the information public so that “lone wolf” attackers can kill them. Defense officials have said that they could not confirm that the information had been hacked and the information could have been culled from public records.

Also all news reports that 100 US military pilots  names and addresses were leaked with a call for muslims in America to “take action” and kill these Kuffar” Read full Article