Human to superhuman: It’s Time to upgrade yourself

Human to superhuman: It’s Time to upgrade yourself –

transhumanIf you could use biotechnology to upgrade yourself, would you? Perhaps you’ve always despaired at your numerical illiteracy, or maybe you have trouble remembering things. A branch of science is looking beyond mere wearable tech toward a future of devices that you actually add to your body to make it better. From hearing aids to the blades used by Paralympic sprinters, advances in the field of human enhancement (or augmentation) have revolutionised the lives of disabled people over the last hundred years.

But what about everyone else? In two weeks the Science Museum is hosting You Have Been Upgraded, a festival exploring the future of human enhancement. The four day event will cover everything from brain hacking to digital implants, and will transport visitors to a future where a mysterious super-corporation, Unlimited Enhancement Technologies (UNET), has elevated biotechnologists to rock-star status. Read Full Article

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