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The biggest shock to hit Christianity in 2,000 years

The biggest shock to hit Christianity in 2,000 years –


Most Christians agree Jesus is coming back some day. But what form will that return take? Will believers just be spontaneously “raptured” into heaven like the movies and best-selling novels depict? How will Jesus judge individuals and the nations? What role will the modern nation of Israel have in His return? Those are some of the topics in a groundbreaking new book by New York Times bestselling author Joel Richardson provocatively titled, “When a Jew Rules the World: What the Bible Really Says About Israel in the Plan of God.” There’s only one conclusion you can draw by taking the prophecies of the Bible literally, says Richardson. It may be quite shocking to many who call themselves Christians: Someday soon, a Jew named Yeshua – or Jesus, as He’s known in the West – will rule the world from Jerusalem. Read Full Article