Russian Doomsday Device – ‘Dead Hand’ System Active And Ready To Strike The Northern Hemisphere? – allnewspipeline

By Susan Duclos

nuclear_bomb_wallpaper_e7970With the worlds attention now focused on Russia and the unexplained disappearance of Russian President Vladimir Putin, with speculation at a fevered pitch about the huge “announcement”, along with military movement in Russia, ranging from war announcements to baby announcements to a military coup against Putin, it is noteworthy that Russia’s Dead Hand system, the ultimate doomsday device, may still be in play.

Wiki explains what the “Dead Hand” system does:

Dead Hand is a Cold-War-era nuclear-control system used by the Soviet Union.General speculation from insiders alleges that the system remains in use in post-Soviet Russia. An example of fail-deadly deterrence, it can automatically trigger the launch of the Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) if a nuclear strike is detected by seismic, light, radioactivity and overpressure sensors. By most accounts, it is normally switched off and is supposed to be activated during dangerous crises only; however, it is said to remain fully functional and able to serve its purpose whenever needed. Read Full Article