Russia Is Tightening the Noose for a Military Invasion of the U.S.

Russia Is Tightening the Noose for a Military Invasion of the U.S.

Dave Hodges 

Norwegian_Tanks_in_SiberiaDo you remember as a child in elementary school playing games like “Capture the flag” and “King of the hill”? As you grew older you were taught from a military perspective that military commanders want to occupy the high ground. If we go on to learn military strategy, we frequently encounter the admonitions that it is imperative to occupy the high ground. The master analyst of all warfare, Sun Tzu often spoke of this as well:

Under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, which was finalized in 1982, countries can lay claim to the ocean floor well beyond their borders so long as they can provide convincing scientific evidence to prove that a particular seabed is an extension of their continental shelf. Already, countries have sovereign rights to resources within 200 nautical miles of their territorial waterways. For a country to determine whether they have economic sovereignty beyond that distance, the UN agreement requires comprehensive mapping that establishes some sort of geologic justification for the claim. And where the Arctic is concerned, Canada, the US, Norway, Russia, and Denmark have been amassing scientific evidence for more than a decade in an effort to increase their piece of this resource-rich pie. From a resource perspective, the wars have been fought for less significant reasons than what we are seeing transpire at the North Pole. However, the major reason to fight over the control of the North Pole is the same reason as we fought for the high ground in our children’s games, namely, military domination over our opponent. Read Full Article

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