Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Existential Threat to Human Race says University of Oxford Research

aiwide-700x336Fiction is a imagination of fertile mine but it seems that fiction can be true someday. In the movie series Terminator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, it was depicted that machines or Artificial Intelligence (AI) would wipe out human race in some unforeseen future. Well, Oxford researchers believe that this may indeed happen.A team of researchers from University of Oxford has come up with a list of reasons which, they say, are a existential threat to the entire “human race” and feel AIs possesses maximum potential to destroy human race. A recent report put up by the Oxford University Researchers pointed towards 12 major risks that threaten to end the human civilization. While all the 12 risks are infinite threats to human race, the category of Emerging risks is dangerous. “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) seems to be possessing huge potential to deliberately work towards extinction of human race. Read Full Article

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